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My child (children) are almost 8, should I still register them under this scheme?
Yes please register all your children under the age of 8. Your child will be eligible to be included in this scheme, until the end of the month after your child’s (children’s) 8th birthday.
What if my child (children) already has a Medical Card?
If your child already holds Medical Card eligibility, there is no need to register them for inclusion in this scheme. However if your family circumstances change in the future and your family no longer qualify for Medical Cards, you should then register your child (children) under 8 for inclusion in this scheme. If you and your family are applying for assessment for Medical Card/GP Visit Card, you should still include the details for your child (children) under 8, as a threshold for the child (children) will be included in the assessment of your Medical Card/GP Visit Card application. Your child (provided that they are under 8) will also then be automatically registered under the GP Visit Card Under 8s scheme. If your family is assessed as being eligible for a Medical Card your family (including your child) will receive Medical Cards. If your Medical Card application is unsuccessful, your child (children) under the age of 8 will be provided with a GP Visit Card under the GP Visit Card Under 8s scheme.