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I will be 70 soon, can I register now?
No, unfortunately registration cannot be completed unless you are currently aged 70 years or older.
I am 70 years of age or older, but my spouse/partner is under 70 years of age? Should I still register my spouse/partner?
No, if your spouse or partner is under 70 years of age, they will not qualify for the GP Visit Card –Over 70s scheme, but they can still apply to be assessed for Medical Card or GP Visit Card eligibility by completing the appropriate form. These forms are available at
What If I and/or my spouse/partner already have a Medical Card?
If you have a valid Medical Card or a GP Visit Card currently, you do not have to register for this scheme.
My spouse/partner has a different GP to me, how do we register?
You and your spouse/partner will need to register separately to ensure that you are registered with separate GPs. If you register under the same registration only one doctor can be assigned to you and your spouse/partner.
Can I ask someone to register my details on my behalf?
Yes, you may wish to nominate a person to act on your behalf and register your details for you. In this case, your nominated contact may enter their home address, email address and phone number. All correspondence in relation to your registration will then be sent to your nominated contact to deal with. Please note that your GP Visit Card will also be sent to your nominated contact to give to you.