About Prescription Charge

In budget 2010 a prescription charge was introduced for items dispensed under the medical card scheme. The maximum total monthly charge payable by families is capped at €25.00 (effective 01/12/2013). There is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

Prescription Charge FAQ.

Family Groupings

In some cases family members may not have the same medical card number, e.g. where more than one doctor is used by the family. It is important for all of the family members to be grouped together so that any prescription charge paid by them goes towards reaching the maximum total monthly charge payable. Please click here to ensure all of your family members are correctly grouped together.

Refund Claiming

Where your family group uses a single pharmacy each month and where that pharmacy can identify all your family members then you should not pay more than the monthly limit. If your family has visited more than one pharmacy and has paid more than the monthly limit then the HSE will automatically issue refunds based on the information received from pharmacies.

If you consider that you have not received the refund due to you please print, complete and return the
Prescription Charge Refund Form (PC1).