Online Applications

At the new national processing centre medical card processing is characterised by standardised decision making aligned with specific medical card guidelines. Applicants have full visibility of the progress of their application because the process is transparent from application receipt through to completion. Customer service is accessible through multiple channels including phone, correspondence, these online facilities and SMS (text) services.

An online application works better for a number of reasons including:

1. If you qualify you can be guaranteed to get a medical card quickly. The HSE is putting arrangements in place to deliver medical cards, in respect of online applications, within fifteen working days from receipt of supporting documentation.
2. This guarantee is supported by the online application because the on screen assistance and validation helps applicants to submit a correct application. Because the old manual paper form is lengthy, applicants often omit essential information, which can delay completion of the process. The online form prevents this in most cases.
3. If you are not eligible on income grounds, completion of an online application will quickly determine this for you. You will then receive an assessment of your application within fifteen days. For the first time in the health service, in certain cases, the Medical Card assessment process will be immediate and we can avoid applicants having to submit documentation, evidence etc. unnecessarily.

Remember, if you are over the income guidelines you may still be eligible for a Medical Card, or a GP Visit Card, on a discretionary basis. If you believe that your circumstances may entitle you to Medical Card services on a discretionary basis you should contact your local health office.

Thank you for considering an online application.