About MedicalCard.ie

MedicalCard.ie is a HSE website dedicated to providing you with online services to assist you with your medical card. These online services have been made possible as the HSE centralises the processing of your applications into a single office. Of course, you can still contact and visit your local health office and you can seek assistance there with medical card and other health related issues.

The HSE is committed to improving customer services and additional options can be added to MedicalCard.ie as we receive your feedback and as the services become available.

On MedicalCard.ie you can now use the following services,

1) Submit an online application, which is a faster route to your medical card than the manual paper forms.
2) Check the current progress of your medical card application if this has been submitted to the central processing office in Finglas.
3) Check the current status of your medical card.
4) Submit a query to the central processing office.
5) See contact details for the central processing office, including the lo-call telephone number, fax and postal address.

Thank you for your interest in MedicalCard.ie