How to check a client eligibility using your mobile phone
  1. Create a new text message on your phone
  2. Enter in the word check followed by a space then the client identifier, i.e. card number and client code letter (for GMS, DPS and HAA) with no spaces. For Example check 12345A
  3. Example text to send
  4. Send this message to 087 9097867
  5. Within a few seconds you will receive a response containing details on any eligibility found.

The response provided for the medical card scheme is currently "The client 9999999A was born 09/02/2001 and has a valid GMS card starting from 09/04/2001 to 31/10/2007 and is assigned to Doctor 99999"

Eligibility confirmation by SMS is subject to normal mobile network charges for SMS texts. This service is available 24*365, but as per normal SMS standards the service is not guaranteed and may experience downtime due to scheduled maintenance.